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Lucky Blue Smith Becomes a 18 Year Old Father!

Lucky Blue Smith, a young male model of the high fashion world, is 18 years old. "I want to share some important information related to my personal life, I have a very special and nice surprise, Stormi and I are expecting a baby." said. This news, which made a sensational effect with the news, was met with great interest in social media.
Lucky Blue Smith

Shining star in Tom Ford's campaigns in particular, Lucky Blue Smith quickly solidified its place among rising male models of high fashion scene. We were expecting a love affair from Smith, the last 26-year-old lover Stormi Bree and Dolce & Gabbana's Fall / Winter 2017-18, but the baby gospel was a surprise to us.
Lucky Blue Smith Becomes a 18 Year Old Father!



Adele, considered as one of the most powerful vocals in the world, was married to Simon Konecki, the beloved long-time partner. The 28-year-old singer announced her good news at the concert of Avutralia in Brisbane.


Kanye West'ten New Cosmetics Mark: Donda

kanye west,donda

Kanye West has started formal studies to become a brand in the cosmetics world. Kanye, who founded a brand named Donda who died in 2007, is getting ready to make his mother live.

The Donda, which will house many cosmetic products such as perfumes and makeup materials, will not be limited to just one cosmetic brand. Kanye's goals and breakthroughs are great. At the same time, Kanye, who also works on a new formation, can be confronted with a company that has a lot of sub-titles in science and finance. We are eagerly awaiting the results of Kanye's entrepreneurial spirit.

Most Fashionable Dress Models for Spring

most fashionable dress

Are they flowered, striped patterned dresses or long dresses with flying skirts ..? The most fashionable dress models for the spring-summer season of 2017

As the winter months are lagging behind, it is time to remove thick coats and coats from the bottom of the cupboards, spring and even summer clothes, skirts, t-shirts from places we hide.Whether you are sporting or not, you have a chance to prepare easily with a single piece, regardless of the elegant elegance. Only this reason is enough for dress models to have an important place in women's fashion. So I would like to share some information about the trendy dress models you can choose for both daily use and private places. Here are the most fashionable dress models for spring.

women dress

women dress

women dress

women dress

women dress

women dress

women dress

5 Facts You Should Know About Melania Trump

melania trump

Donald Trump's Third Wife
Formerly known as Melania Krauss, she began living in 1998 with Donald Trump. The couple who crowned their 7-year partnership with marriage in 2005 shortly afterwards came up to their son Barron. Donald Trump signed two marriages with Marla Maples and Ivana Zelnickova before First Lady Melania. In this case, Melania Trump has the title of "third wife" of Donald Trump, besides First Lady.

First First Lady from Communism
Melania Trump, who came to the world in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, has survived to such a magnificent standard of living today. With the presidency of Donald Trump, Melania Trump will pass the US as the first First Lady from a communist country.

First First Lady Giving Nude Pose
When the subject is Melania Trump, the firsts in her life are not limited to coming from a communist country. Melanie Trump, photographed by Antoine Verglas for the GQ in 2000, is also the first naked first lady at the same time.

Junior Donald Trump on the Road
Barron, his 10-year-old son, is not his father's copy? Barron, who is already wearing a suit, is a golf lover like his father.

In an interview with Melanie Trump in 2011, she said that she likened her son to her father and called him Little Trump.

Mysterious Brother
In the past research for First Lady, GQ writer Julia Ioffe made an interesting fact come to life. When Melania's father, Victor Knavs, was informed that he had a son who had another relationship, Melania, first of all, refused this information and tried to close it by claiming that he did not know about it.

Naomi Campbell with 90s Wind at Gap

Naomi Campbell,Gap

Gap celebrates the new capsule collection with a nostalgic 90s campaign. At the beginning of the Gap campaign, which meets an intergenerational meeting, Naomi Campbell, who wakes up like a wind on the podium in the 90s, is located.

The supermodel, which has lost nothing in its icon over the years, is quite happy and excited because the 90's can still be inspired by the creative power.

In the campaign film directed by Kevin Calero, Gap's nostalgic capsule collection, which wants to tell a future inspired by the past, is only in selected stores.

Selena Gomez is now a Coach Designer

selena gome,coach
   It continues to combine high-end  fashion with famous stars. Gigi  Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger, Zayn  Malik x Versus, Rihanna x Puma  joins Selena Gomez de Coach  family. From now on, Gomez, who  will be the face of Coach  campaigns, will play an active role  not only in the promotion of the  brand but also in the design process.

selena gomez,designer
  Gomez, who shares a photo with Coach's  creative director Stuart Vevers on the  Instagram page, expressed his enthusiasm  and happiness with the following words: "I  can not wait to work with Coach, I love the  clothes and accessories designed by Stuart  Vevers. Most importantly, I'm going to  design with Stuart. "


If you are bored by the classical Christmas trees, here you can talk about your creativity; Handmade, alternative christmas tree ideas ...

christmis tree

christmis tree

christmis tree

christmis tree

christmis tree

christmis tree

christmis tree

christmis tree

christmis tree


What do we wear in that special night?
Nowadays, the excitement of the New Year is a lot of people's anxiety, and the concern and curiosity about what you will wear in that special night should be one of the biggest question marks in your mind. It is very important that those who want to enter the new year with a remarkable style feel extremely comfortable, happy, free and sophisticated in the clothes they wear at the same time. I would like to invite you to join this New Year's Eve or present the most suitable combination suggestions according to the place you are going to ...

Parties made in the ballrooms of large hotels usually become the most spectacular new year parties. If you are going to make your choice in this direction, you must be absolutely flashy. Long dresses that never lose their fashion, and are always elegant and stylish, are among the best choices for such a party. The most important thing to watch out for is to avoid as much as possible from the excess display. Your stylish and elegant dress will be in combination with gold and stone accessories.

If you are thinking of entering the new world with plenty of music, delicious food, great drinks and great dancing, restaurant celebrations are for you. If you have made your plan in this direction, it can be a great idea to combine elegance and comfort. For restaurant celebrations, leather skirts and pants, elegant blouses, bustiers or blazer jackets from the most trendy parts of this year will be suitable. It is also possible to reach a simple and elegant frigidity with a mini dress.

If you want to go in the crowded streets of New York, our first recommendation will be of course in the direction of wearing thick. Since the weather is probably cold, you will not be able to take your coat off. At this point you should be careful that the most flashy piece on your side is the palton. Colored, patterned or stylish lacy socks that will combine with sequined coats, artificial fur or colorful leather coats will definitely make you the star of the streets. You can choose a short, plain and extremely comfortable dress.

If you are going to enter the nightclub, imagine a combination that will allow you to dance both casually and look stylish. With purple or leather mini skirts, dresses or overalls, and of course natural-looking scales, you can protect your elegance from the very beginning to the end.


If you want your feet cold even in the coldest weather ...
If you are wearing a layer coat during cold winter days but are not compromising on elegance, you can try Cat's "Pouty" model. "Pouty" in the Cat's women's collection that combines sturdiness, durability and quality with feminine lines promises a winter you will not feel cold with artificial inner fur coating. Pouty, where the graceful texture of the nubu meets with shades of black, blue and brown, will be the most elegant complement of your combos.

Shoe of the Year Rihanna design Creeper

Rihanna design Creeper
PUMA Brand Ambassador and Creative Director Creeper, designed by Rihanna for the Fenty PUMA by Rihanna collection, was chosen as the shoe of the year at the Footwear News ceremony, considered the Oscar for shoes. At the 30th anniversary of this year, Rihanna shot her lyre mark as the first woman to receive this award.

Despite his young age, Rihanna has had many successes and became the focus of the night with his style of black velvet skirt, long gloves, stylish jewels and Creeper's. Rihanna, after the award ceremony; "This award is very important to me, it is really proud to be the first woman to receive this award. Creeper, which I chose as the first part of my collection, is one of my favorite shoes. I am very grateful to everyone who appreciates me and who supports me in this process. "


Fashion; It is said to be the entirety of the transient new styles which arise on the desire to embellish, to be different, to be most admired in a certain period of time.

Fashion; Wearing the most popular products in the society, wearing accessories, choosing shoes, applying everything to the mass appeal. The first thing that comes to mind in fashion is fancy. Even when you go shopping, you will see the stores selling the most lady products because ladies need more to wear well and look better than men.

For the ladies, external beauty is very important. They want to make themselves known by their beauty. They follow fashion very often, watch TV shows, internet sites, storefronts, celebrity dresses and other people in their surroundings, inspire them, wear them, wear them and wear them for what they think fit.

Fashion is a field in which everyone who wants to dress well and who does not want to be in. You may not be very interested in fashion, you do not watch fashion programs and you do not enter fashion sites but this is why you are living in fashion when you go out and say "I see a very nice cowl, I should buy it immediately".

The taste of fashion varies from age to age. Wearing a proper dress for yourself will change everything.