5 Facts You Should Know About Melania Trump

melania trump

Donald Trump's Third Wife
Formerly known as Melania Krauss, she began living in 1998 with Donald Trump. The couple who crowned their 7-year partnership with marriage in 2005 shortly afterwards came up to their son Barron. Donald Trump signed two marriages with Marla Maples and Ivana Zelnickova before First Lady Melania. In this case, Melania Trump has the title of "third wife" of Donald Trump, besides First Lady.

First First Lady from Communism
Melania Trump, who came to the world in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, has survived to such a magnificent standard of living today. With the presidency of Donald Trump, Melania Trump will pass the US as the first First Lady from a communist country.

First First Lady Giving Nude Pose
When the subject is Melania Trump, the firsts in her life are not limited to coming from a communist country. Melanie Trump, photographed by Antoine Verglas for the GQ in 2000, is also the first naked first lady at the same time.

Junior Donald Trump on the Road
Barron, his 10-year-old son, is not his father's copy? Barron, who is already wearing a suit, is a golf lover like his father.

In an interview with Melanie Trump in 2011, she said that she likened her son to her father and called him Little Trump.

Mysterious Brother
In the past research for First Lady, GQ writer Julia Ioffe made an interesting fact come to life. When Melania's father, Victor Knavs, was informed that he had a son who had another relationship, Melania, first of all, refused this information and tried to close it by claiming that he did not know about it.

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