Fashion; It is said to be the entirety of the transient new styles which arise on the desire to embellish, to be different, to be most admired in a certain period of time.

Fashion; Wearing the most popular products in the society, wearing accessories, choosing shoes, applying everything to the mass appeal. The first thing that comes to mind in fashion is fancy. Even when you go shopping, you will see the stores selling the most lady products because ladies need more to wear well and look better than men.

For the ladies, external beauty is very important. They want to make themselves known by their beauty. They follow fashion very often, watch TV shows, internet sites, storefronts, celebrity dresses and other people in their surroundings, inspire them, wear them, wear them and wear them for what they think fit.

Fashion is a field in which everyone who wants to dress well and who does not want to be in. You may not be very interested in fashion, you do not watch fashion programs and you do not enter fashion sites but this is why you are living in fashion when you go out and say "I see a very nice cowl, I should buy it immediately".

The taste of fashion varies from age to age. Wearing a proper dress for yourself will change everything.

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