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Lucky Blue Smith Becomes a 18 Year Old Father!

Lucky Blue Smith, a young male model of the high fashion world, is 18 years old. "I want to share some important information related to my personal life, I have a very special and nice surprise, Stormi and I are expecting a baby." said. This news, which made a sensational effect with the news, was met with great interest in social media.
Lucky Blue Smith

Shining star in Tom Ford's campaigns in particular, Lucky Blue Smith quickly solidified its place among rising male models of high fashion scene. We were expecting a love affair from Smith, the last 26-year-old lover Stormi Bree and Dolce & Gabbana's Fall / Winter 2017-18, but the baby gospel was a surprise to us.
Lucky Blue Smith Becomes a 18 Year Old Father!



Adele, considered as one of the most powerful vocals in the world, was married to Simon Konecki, the beloved long-time partner. The 28-year-old singer announced her good news at the concert of Avutralia in Brisbane.


Kanye West'ten New Cosmetics Mark: Donda

kanye west,donda

Kanye West has started formal studies to become a brand in the cosmetics world. Kanye, who founded a brand named Donda who died in 2007, is getting ready to make his mother live.

The Donda, which will house many cosmetic products such as perfumes and makeup materials, will not be limited to just one cosmetic brand. Kanye's goals and breakthroughs are great. At the same time, Kanye, who also works on a new formation, can be confronted with a company that has a lot of sub-titles in science and finance. We are eagerly awaiting the results of Kanye's entrepreneurial spirit.

Most Fashionable Dress Models for Spring

most fashionable dress

Are they flowered, striped patterned dresses or long dresses with flying skirts ..? The most fashionable dress models for the spring-summer season of 2017

As the winter months are lagging behind, it is time to remove thick coats and coats from the bottom of the cupboards, spring and even summer clothes, skirts, t-shirts from places we hide.Whether you are sporting or not, you have a chance to prepare easily with a single piece, regardless of the elegant elegance. Only this reason is enough for dress models to have an important place in women's fashion. So I would like to share some information about the trendy dress models you can choose for both daily use and private places. Here are the most fashionable dress models for spring.

women dress

women dress

women dress

women dress

women dress

women dress

women dress

5 Facts You Should Know About Melania Trump

melania trump

Donald Trump's Third Wife
Formerly known as Melania Krauss, she began living in 1998 with Donald Trump. The couple who crowned their 7-year partnership with marriage in 2005 shortly afterwards came up to their son Barron. Donald Trump signed two marriages with Marla Maples and Ivana Zelnickova before First Lady Melania. In this case, Melania Trump has the title of "third wife" of Donald Trump, besides First Lady.

First First Lady from Communism
Melania Trump, who came to the world in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, has survived to such a magnificent standard of living today. With the presidency of Donald Trump, Melania Trump will pass the US as the first First Lady from a communist country.

First First Lady Giving Nude Pose
When the subject is Melania Trump, the firsts in her life are not limited to coming from a communist country. Melanie Trump, photographed by Antoine Verglas for the GQ in 2000, is also the first naked first lady at the same time.

Junior Donald Trump on the Road
Barron, his 10-year-old son, is not his father's copy? Barron, who is already wearing a suit, is a golf lover like his father.

In an interview with Melanie Trump in 2011, she said that she likened her son to her father and called him Little Trump.

Mysterious Brother
In the past research for First Lady, GQ writer Julia Ioffe made an interesting fact come to life. When Melania's father, Victor Knavs, was informed that he had a son who had another relationship, Melania, first of all, refused this information and tried to close it by claiming that he did not know about it.

Naomi Campbell with 90s Wind at Gap

Naomi Campbell,Gap

Gap celebrates the new capsule collection with a nostalgic 90s campaign. At the beginning of the Gap campaign, which meets an intergenerational meeting, Naomi Campbell, who wakes up like a wind on the podium in the 90s, is located.

The supermodel, which has lost nothing in its icon over the years, is quite happy and excited because the 90's can still be inspired by the creative power.

In the campaign film directed by Kevin Calero, Gap's nostalgic capsule collection, which wants to tell a future inspired by the past, is only in selected stores.